safe, simple & secure cold storage

With cryptocurrencies and NFTs worth billions lost to scammers in 2021, It seems that assets are lost only too often, and many people think this is part of the territory of digital assets.

The truth is, it doesn't have to be - digital assets can be secured and we can show you how.


We store your digital assets offline, on cold storage wallets, within same the vaulting facilities trusted and used by investment banks and crypto custodians.


It's important to us that our customers benefit from the best protection, that is why we offer full liability coverage for all digital assets in our care.


Your private keys are part of the physical wallet - which is tamper-proof, securely stored and protected under seal. We will never know your private key.

What Wallets Do We Accept

Currently, we can accept your cryptocurrencies and NFTs secured via a Ballet wallet. For further details about Ballet's technology visit their website.

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