door to door delivery

Our fast, comprehensive and secure door-to-door collection and delivery ensures the safe delivery of your goods anywhere in the world. Services include: overnight secure door-to-door delivery, secure delivery from collection to airport, airport pick-up to final destination and hand-carry courier services. For additional information and options, please contact your local Malca-Amit office.

Ground Movement

Malca-Amit’s fleet of customized armoured vehicles have been designed to exacting specifications, ensuring safe and secure door-to-door transportation of high-value assets. By operating on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even an on-demand basis, our customers' needs are at the fore of all routing.

full liability for your shipments

Malca-Amit can take full liability for your shipments whilst in transit, with our liability for goods 100% underwritten by Lloyd's of London.Your unique house airway bill number allows you to track your shipment online from any internet enabled device providing up to the minute status reports.

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