Over 20 years of experience in different areas of IT Technologies make our IT Services always up-to-date and customized to achieve security, reliability, and highly available in the most complex environments.
We are customer-driven company that provides expertise, solutions, and attentiveness. Our goal is to provide your company the best and most up-to-date technology solutions possible.

Our services include

We strategize and utilize solutions that assist our customers linking enterprise application systems, legacy data migration, system architecture and design, and Cloud enablement.

Tailor-made System Solutions

Our Dev Teams have extensive experience in design, development and integration of Logistics and
e-commerce platform, providing comprehensive solutions of high performances and availability.

IT Consulting and Strategy

We will analyze your current situation first. Then we will create a plan to remediate any critical issues and then we will provide future plans to align your IT infrastructure to your business goals.

network monitoring

We monitor your network devices, such as servers, firewalls, routers, switches, un-interruptable power supplies (UPS), ISP, and more


CCTV Implementations based on your needs. From Enterprise top tier CCTV solutions to the best cost-effective appliances.Data Loss Prevention

security solutions

Protect the usability and integrity of your network and data for your hardware and software.

Data Loss Preventions

Backups on-site, off-site, cloud-based.
DLP best practices.

Cloud services

Service migration to cloud service providers.
Disaster recovery to cloud instances solutions.

tech support

Level 1,2,3 Tech support provided for USA located experts.

Customized technological solutions by Malca-Amit



Convenient and flexible prices for our customers


On-site and remote support with extremely fast response time.


We are close! Our Tech Teams located right next to you.


Experience in SMB and Mid-Market


Constantly looking for ways to save you money with efficient solutions to your needs.


Constant preventive maintenance will remediate IT Infrastructure issues before it’s too late

Customized technological solutions by Malca-Amit



Their Tech Support are extremely good and friendly. We have worked with Malca Amit IT services for over 5 years. They wrote our Disaster Recovery and Data Loss Prevention Plan. We were hit by a ransomware 2 years ago and there was no data loss thanks to their exceptional backup procedures in place. They truly care about our IT Infrastructure and needs. We appreciate all Malca Amit IT Services is doing for us.


Malca-Amit IT Services took over our IT Services 1 year ago. They respond incredibly fast to our requests, even after hours. They are also flexible regarding the service and charges. They show that they care about our business and we are glad that Malca-Amit IT Services is our allied and support for our IT needs.

Rachminov Diamonds

We’re writing to recommend the services provided by the Malca-Amit IT Team. Aside from their professional mannerism, they’re personable and knowledgeable in dealing with any IT issues we have encountered, they take time to discuss any concerns and recommend services based on our needs; there is nearly 0% down time as they’ve always been quick to respond to any service requests we may have. While we have very high standards and demand discretion and professionalism, they have met and exceeded our expectation.

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