Secure Key Management and Generation

If you manage digital assets and private keys on behalf of your clients, regulators and auditors require you to demonstrate secure key generation, management and storage practices. As a leading physical custody provider with a global network of vaults, we can build a solution to scale and secure your key management process and keep emergency backups safe.


Our global network of vaults distributes the risks of storing key backups and hardware in one location. We help you remove single points of failure in your key management process.

key generation

Generating private keys without these being viewed, copied or compromised is crucial. Yet, many companies undertake their key generation process in locations that are not secure and fit for purpose. To help companies overcome this challenge, our facilities offer dedicated and isolated key generation environments.


Even after keys have been generated, transportation risks remain. Key  backups and hardware can be compromised whilst they are moved to their storage location. With our leading secure logistics, armoured vehicles and trained personnel, you can count on us to keep your key backups and hardware safe during transportation.

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What Wallets Do We Accept

Currently, we can accept your cryptocurrencies and NFTs secured via a Ballet wallet. For further details about Ballet's technology visit their website.