Helping you pass on your digital assets for inheritance

Do you ever worry about your loved ones gaining access to your cryptocurrencies and NFTs when you are gone? With complex wallets, seed phrases, passwords and PINs usually required to access your digital assets, it's not easy to pass them on. Don't worry, we are here to help you prepare.

Our solution

When you store your crypto assets on a Ballet wallet with us, we can pass it on to your appointed beneficiaries after you are gone. The Ballet wallet contains the only private key elements your loved ones will need to gain access to your assets. No complex instructions, or the security risk of writing down your passwords, PINs or seed phrases.

how it works

Given the unique design of Ballet's technology, assets can be added to the wallets even whilst they are in our high-security facilities.Once it is time for your assets to be inherited, we can pass the Ballet wallet on as a bearer asset, with both private key elements forming part of the physical wallet, to enable easy access for the intended recipient.


Your private keys are part of the physical wallet - which is tamper-proof, securely stored and protected under seal. We will never know your private key.

What Wallets Do We Accept

Currently, we can accept your cryptocurrencies and NFTs secured via a Ballet wallet. For further details about Ballet's technology visit their website.

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