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Express shipping for diamonds, jewellery and valuable assets

Discover Full Liability

Enjoy full liability coverage for the total value, starting from the moment the courier picks up your shipment until final delivery.

Discover the Fastest Service at the Lowest Rates

By using our priority service, you are guaranteed a swift and cost effective delivery throughout Malca-Amit’s global network. Our ​low rates include BOTH shipping and full liability.

Discover Full Ecommerce Integration

Looking to seamlessly fulfill your online orders directly from your ecommerce platform? Speak to Malca-Amit about integration API to enable you to ship with as little as one click Ecommerce on Shopify or Bigcommerce? Please download our shipping apps and streamline your fulfilment today!

Discover Service with the Highest Standards

Malca-Amit delivers absolute peace of mind by ensuring comprehensive follow-up and tracking of your shipments 24/7.

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