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Gem Lab Services is operating a full service window for the gemological Laboratories. Based in Antwerp and Tel Aviv, GemLab provides easy, seamless and convenient access for clients looking to submit diamonds and precious stones for grading at participating laboratories.

Gem Lab Tel Aviv is an authorized "GIA LabDirect Program" participant.

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Gem Lab handles all logistical procedures required for transporting goods to and from the laboratories, as well as communicating directly with the laboratory senior management on behalf of clients.


In addition Gem Lab provides a full service, state-of-the-art photography division providing face-up photography of diamonds, precious gems and jewelry with 360 degree view points.

Gem Lab's photography services provide companies with an efficient, easy and cost-effective way to create a comprehensive image database of their inventory for both online and offline requirements.

Gem lab services for GIA grading and diamonds inspection

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