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full range of logistics services

  • Secured “nail to nail” shipping

  • Fine art insurance arranged through in-house insurance broker

  • Customs brokerage

Fine Art Storage

Storage of fine art and rarities at one of our specially designed secure facilities ensure rare artifacts are fully protected. Malca-Amit's state of the art security systems, around the clock physical surveillance and specially trained professionals provide total security.

Custom made

Designated facilities also offer protection tailored for fine art, rare objects, luxury items and other collectibles, which includes:

  • Integrated fire suppression system

  • Climate and humidity controls

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 Logistical and storage services for fine art and rarities

malca amit?

The global art market does not have a global, secure, nail-to-nail solution for shipping, handling and storing fine art. It is a fragmented service delivery platform comprising thousands of logistics companies and a sub-contracted network internationally. Malca-Amit Fine Art (MAFA) aims to deliver a more efficient service delivery for international clients founded on the following principles:

In-house services and expertise to create simplicity for clients

Trust and relationships

Cost efficiencies

Multiple service lines – MA Express providing clients with a low-cost shipping solution

Best practice

Malca-Amit benefits for fine art and rarities


Global network

With over 40 offices and operational facilities around the wold Malca-Amit is able to provide a real Nail to Nail service. Internal communication leads to significant advantages in efficiency, reliability and cost saving, over the agent network based industry norm.

Freight forwarder

Malca-Amit is an experienced international Freight forwarder and can process in-house all customs clearances and permits both at origin and destination. This also leads to speed, efficiency and cost saving.

Relationships with the airlines

Thanks to our longstanding global business, Malca-Amit is able to provide constant oversight and low freight rates.

24 hour Global monitoring HQ

With direct link to the airlines, and following real time freight movements. This provides security peace of mind but also contingency planning in the event of unforeseen airline changes at any time of day or night, anywhere in the world.

Fine art storage Vaults

Owned and controlled by Malca-Amit, with the highest specification security, environmental controls and warehouse managements. Our vaults are located in key fine art hubs and free ports around the world

Operational staff

Our network of global professionals are able to handle any artwork, exceeding industry standards. At Malca-Amit, each international location its staffed will personnel with extensive industry experience.

In-house Insurance broker

Based on assessment of value and fragility, with professional packing and full liability, we are able to transport artworks door to door at very competitive rates.

M-A Express service

MAEX utilises our Fedex network to provide a low cost solution with four liability coverage on door to door shipments at competitive rates.

Malca-Amit Unique Capabilities for fine art and rarities

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