Samantha Clark on Malca-Amit Fine-Art Division “a truly nail to nail service”

Why Malca-Amit Fine Art?
My career in the art world began 23 years ago as an Exhibition Organiser at the Royal Academy of Arts. During my five years arranging loans from all over the world, the biggest headache was co-ordinating the various transport agents, scheduling packing, flights and deliveries to suit the lenders within our tight window of installation.

Which is why I ended up in fine art logistics. The global art market does not have a global, secure, door to door solution for shipping, handling and storing fine art. It is a fragmented service delivery platform comprising thousands of logistics companies and a sub-contracted network internationally.
My dream was to create a truly nail to nail service with one company. I went from being the client to being the service provider with a true understanding of the challenges of moving precious, fragile and irreplaceable artefacts – the care required with handling, the considerations of packing and crating, the onerous costs associated with shipping, the complexities of customs.

Malca-Amit Fine Art (MAFA) aims to deliver a more efficient service delivery for international clients founded on the following unique service capabilities:

Global network
of over 40 offices and operational facilities. Internal communication provides significant advantages in efficiency, reliability and cost saving, over the agent network-based industry norm.

Freight forwarder
Malca-Amit is an experienced international freight forwarder and can process in-house all customs clearances and permits both at origin and destination. This leads to low costs and efficiency.

Relationships with the airlines
based on long standing global business, providing significantly lower freight rates and leverage with the booking and control of the shipments.

24-hour Global monitoring HQ
with direct link to the airlines, following real time freight movements for security peace of mind. It enables contingency planning in the event of unforeseen airline changes at any time of day or night, anywhere in the world

Fine art storage Vaults
owned and controlled by Malca-Amit, with highest specification security and environmental controls, our vaults are located in key art hubs and Freeports around the world.

In-house Insurance broker
underwritten by Lloyd’s of London with full liability on shipping and storage below market rate. MAFA is proud we have had no claims since 2016, however in the event of a claim our in-house broker ensures a speedy resolution for clients.

Operational staff
for handling and packing of artworks, at each location our staff have extensive industry experience.

MA Express service
utilises our Fedex network to provide a low-cost shipping solution. Based on assessment of value and fragility, with professional packing and full liability, we are able to transport artworks door to door at very competitive rates.