New Laboratory Take-In Service Operated By Gem Lab In Partnership With HRD Antwerp

HRD Antwerp and Gem Lab, a division of Malca-Amit Group, are pleased to announce a new collaborative service whereby Gem Lab becomes an authorized ‘HRD Antwerp LabDirect Program’ participant. Gem Lab will serve as the point of contact for clients in their network who wish to obtain an HRD Antwerp grading report. They will handle all logistics and administration, allowing HRD Antwerp to focus solely on grading. Thanks to this Take-In service, more clients will have fast, consistent and convenient access to HRD Antwerp laboratories around the world.

David Ziegler, Commercial Director of HRD Antwerp: “This new cooperative venture with Gem Lab enables HRD Antwerp to significantly expand its European reach as we will have access to the extended network of Malca-Amit Group. In return, customers in European diamond centers will enjoy faster and easier access to HRD Antwerp laboratory services.”

Boaz Lev, Managing Director of Malca Amit & Gem Lab Belgium: “With this agreement between HRD Antwerp and the Malca-Amit group, diamond companies will be empowered to a seamless access to HRD Antwerp diamond grading services. We look to enable customers all over Europe and around the world access to Premium services, offered in Belgium, with ease and absolute peace of mind.”

This laboratory Take-In Service will first be offered to European clients. It is possible to submit for grading loose diamonds as well as diamond jewellery.