Level up the storage of your digital assets with Malca-Amit

The most secure way to store your digital assets is in an offline, cold storage environment. Why not level up your security with Malca-Amit’s new digital asset storage service? Store your assets on a Ballet wallet within Malca-Amit’s custody, and you’ll get two extra layers of protection:

First, we add a layer of physical protection by safekeeping the Ballet wallet in our high-security vaults. We are already a trusted storage provider for valuable items such as diamonds and bullion. Our vaults and premises have robust security systems, including physical surveillance, 24/7 CCTV monitoring, and alarm systems. Access control mechanisms and identity checks ensure that only our customers can physically access their own Ballet wallets.

Next, we provide full liability coverage for our service. This means our customers can be safe in the knowledge that their Ballet wallet, and the assets stored on it, are protected against physical loss or damage as long as it is within our custody. We assume this liability to our customers with an insurance policy underwritten within the Lloyds of London market; terms and conditions apply.

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