How to protect your travelling salespersons? (in cooperation with ISPS)

Some of the common risks for travelling sales agents are thefts due to carelessness or premeditated distractions, and violent robberies. The incidents often take place around commercial jewellery districts, near airports, car rentals and hotels. Criminals regularly lurk at observation posts in attempt to locate potential victims.

Rules and prevention behaviors for sales agents:

  • Use secure shipping for your goods when possible.
  • Do your best to leave diamond & jewellery districts and other vulnerable areas carrying as little goods as possible.
  • Avoiding carrying heavy luggage, best to avoid bags entirely.
  • Always stay vigilant to your surroundings. Upon arrival to, or departure from industry establishments, scan the area for suspicious observers, and make sure you are not being followed. Same applies for gas stations, hotel and airport parking lots, etc.
  • Maintain anonymity. Use a cover story when asked about occupation or purpose of visit by parties like hotel and car-rental staff, etc.
  • Stay alert for deliberate distractions. Some examples of distraction tactics used by criminals are: money on the floor, flat tire, dirt on the jacket, a person who needs help on the street. All requests for assistance and interaction triggers by strangers should be ignored by the travelling salesperson.
  • Always maintain a low profile:
  • Choose a common and inconspicuous rental vehicle
  • Do not speak to customers about goods in public places
  • Do not use a credit card with a listed company name
  • Do not share your travel plans on social media
  • Do not make sales calls in public places
  • To avoid potential bodily harm, never resist a robbery!

It is important to note that in addition to following the above security guidelines, each company must review its insurance coverage to ensure that the security measures you have in place fully comply with the terms of coverage.