Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and Inheritance - Passing on your assets securely

A survey conducted by the Cremation Institute recorded that 89% of its 1,150 investor participants are worried about whether their crypto assets would be transferred to their family or friends following their death, with no respondents saying they were “not at all” concerned.

This is an alarming statistic for those looking to include crypto assets such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs within their estate.

Securely passing on cryptocurrencies and NFTs to your beneficiaries, a solution

Thankfully, we have created a solution to help ensure that your crypto assets are passed onto your beneficiaries without disclosing any passwords/private keys. We achieve this by allowing you to hold your crypto assets on a physical Ballet wallet within our market-leading vaults.

Our service is ideal for those wishing to take proactive steps in the management of their estate, with the added protection from our high-security vaults with full liability coverage.

The Ballet wallet can be released to beneficiaries when needed, safe in the knowledge that that physical wallet contains the only private key elements needed to access the crypto assets handed down. The days of storing seed phrase backups and leaving complex crypto-asset recovery plans are behind us.

The Ballet Real Series Wallet -

How do we provide full liability insurance for cryptocurrencies and NFTs?

Our storage service is insured in the reputable London insurance market. This insurance policy allows us to offer our customers full liability coverage ($ for $) for their cryptocurrencies and NFTs held on a Ballet wallet in our secure vaulting facility.

When storing NFTs, our insurance policy accepts USPAP compliant valuation reports based on a proprietary methodology to appraise NFTs - a market first.

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